Strategically situated in Sweden, the FFS factory stands as the cornerstone of our manufacturing operations, covering an expansive 8,000 m2. Operating with precision, our facility brings to life products designed from FFS blueprints, with a skilled team overseeing the procurement, assembly, and meticulous quality assurance in line with the ISO 9001 standard.

Our dedication to quality control is recognized through certifications from leading class societies, granting us the autonomy to self-classify our flagship products. The factory is well-appointed with 18 advanced traverse cranes, each boasting a lifting capacity of up to 20 tons, streamlining material handling processes.

We prioritize environmental responsibility in our manufacturing processes, achieving significant reductions in emissions and keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible.

Goods reception and control

Each material piece is carefully inspected and recorded in our ERP system before being stored for assembly. We place a strong emphasis on tracking material revisions and follow a first-in, first-out inventory method to maximize efficiency and traceability.
A showcase of our workshop inventory
A lineup of our fire pumps stored in our warehouse

Monitor department

We produce in batches with pre-assembled parts. Each unit is subject to pressure testing, classification, and functional checks prior to final assembly, guaranteeing the quality of all our products.

Pump department

Every pump is custom-made for particular projects, undergoing thorough inspections such as pressure tests, classification, and functional evaluations before the last assembly step, ensuring unparalleled quality in every delivery.
A lineup of our pumps in our warehouse
A lineup of our gearboxes in our warehouse

Gearbox department

Components undergo pressure tests and transmissions receive spin-tests before coupling with pumps. The finished units are then rigorously load tested at the FFS pump test station under the watchful eye of class surveyors, guaranteeing outstanding quality.

Control system department

We construct systems with Siemens components, following FFS wiring standards and PLC programming. Comprehensive functionality tests are conducted, and engines are initiated with the control system prior to customer delivery.
One of our workers wiring the control system
On of our worker rigorously testing our pump in the warehouse

Test station

Every pump undergoes rigorous verification testing to meet contract specifications and ISO standards. Our facility features two test beds, powered by 2000 kW and 500 kW motors. Diesel engine packages are verified within our testing hall, utilizing test stations outfitted with calibrated sensors for precision.

Paint shop

Our advanced in-house paint shop meets the strictest environmental and emissions criteria, guaranteeing durable paint jobs that protect equipment in extreme conditions and against seawater. This commitment enhances material flow efficiency while upholding our commitment to environmental care.
One of our workers spray painting our pumps
An overview of our packing hall


In our packing hall, each piece of finished material is carefully prepared for global transit. Using robust wooden crates built for safe maritime transport, we ensure that our sizable equipment arrives at its global destinations securely and in perfect condition.

Project assembly

Our factory features a specialized production hall for unique projects, outfitted with larger cranes and a comprehensive selection of tools. This arrangement offers the versatility required to handle a wide variety of products, guaranteeing that the specific needs of each project are addressed with accuracy and attention to detail.
On of our systems being assembled in the workshop
Our pumps being properly testing outside on our test site

Outdoor test site

Just 5 minutes from our factory, we have facilities for real-world testing of pump packages and performance monitoring. This close proximity enables us to offer comprehensive customer demonstrations and conduct extensive Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), ensuring our products meet the highest quality standards.