About Us

Established in 2003 to meet the demand for complete firefighting systems that are both revolutionary in performance and cost-effective, Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) quickly emerged as an Industry Leader.

With thousands of our pumps in operation worldwide, FFS are the undisputed choice for reliable, high performance external firefighting systems.

Our extensive product portfolio encompasses pumps with drivers, gearboxes, firewater monitors, foam proportioners, deluge systems, remote control systems, and all the associated equipment necessary for a comprehensive firefighting solution.

Our marine division, provides complete firefighting systems catering to the global marine industry, including tugboats, fireboats, offshore vessels, and workboats.

Our land based division, offers a diverse range of products tailored for industrial firefighting applications, including tank farms, refineries, and industrial plants.

FFS is headquartered in Moss, Norway, with our production and logistics center situated in Åmål, Sweden.

Our unwavering goal is to be the preferred choice for our customers, offering unmatched performance and value.

A boat using our marine pumps in action
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Production Facilities

Our production facility is strategically situated for easy access via highways and train lines, and it houses a fully stocked warehouse to ensure swift turnaround for all spare parts.

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Single Source Supplier

FFS is unmatched as a single source supplier of complete systems for external firefighting able to guarantee the operations of their systems based on advanced engineering capabilities.

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Advanced Test Beds

FFS has one of the most advanced “test beds” in all of Europe with most testing done onsite at Vanern, Sweden's largest lake. Our equipment is exposed to seawater 24/7.

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Inhouse Design

All FFS systems are designed inhouse in Norway and manufactured in Sweden in our multi-disciplinary assembly plant.

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Environmental Regulations

FFS’s production facility in Sweden is subject to some of the strictest environmental regulations in the world, with an emphasis on safeguarding the environment and our employees.

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Low Emissions

FFS is endeavors to work with local suppliers and foundries operating with the lowest measurable emissions.


Fire Fighting Systems utfører aktsomhetsvurderinger i henhold til åpenhetsloven og offentliggjør en redegjørelse for vurderingene.Åpenhetsloven har til formål å fremme virksomheters respekt for grunnleggende menneskerettigheter og anstendige arbeidsforhold.

Dette rapporten gjelder for året 2022 og den juridiske enheten Fire Fighting Systems AS.

Rapporten er utarbeidet i samsvar med kravene i den norske åpenhetsloven.

The Transparency Act Fire Fighting Systems carries out due diligence assessments in accordance with the Transparency Act and publishes an account of the assessments. The purpose of the Openness Act is to promote companies' respect for basic human rights and decent working conditions. This report applies to the year 2022 and the legal entity Fire Fighting Systems AS. The report has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Norwegian Transparency Act

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