JFEII Certification: A Significant Achievement

FFS Fire Fighting Systems are excited to reveal a significant achievement in collaboration with the Morita Group.

This accomplishment carries profound importance for both organisations, highlighting the dedication of all stakeholders. With sincere appreciation for the tireless efforts invested, we are pleased to announce the successful attainment of the JFEII Certificaton - one of the most stringent testing protocols for fire-fighting systems.

Tracing back to 1963, the Japan Fire Equipment Inspection Institute (JFEII) emerged as a pivotal public entity entrusted with meticulous inspections. The subsequent year marked a transformative shift, transitioning the assessment of fire equipment and systems from a voluntary endeavor to a compulsory requirement.

Today, The Japan Fire Equipment Inspection Institute (JFEII) stands as a hallmark of official inspection.

The JFEII execute a diverse array of undertakings in close collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. These undertakings encompass testing, consultation, commissioned evaluations, research, and the dissemination of technical insights through avenues like training seminars.

The JFEII also actively engages in international collaborations, with notable involvement in initiatives like the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Over the years, the JFEII has extended their influence through mandatory inspections (KENTEI), commissioned evaluations (JYUTAKU HYOUKA), and commissioned tests, meticulously certifying the quality and efficacy of fire prevention equipment and systems. At the heart of their mission lies an unwavering dedication to fire prevention systems and their integral components.

The JFEII mandates flawless performance during fire emergencies, maintaining a steadfast stance against any compromise in quality or system functionality.  

The JFEII also remains at the forefront of technological evolution, conducting research to keep pace with advancements in fire prevention equipment. The institute extends its expertise to advising the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on technical matters, actively contributing to global initiatives—setting international standards and hosting trainees from across the globe.

FFS are honored and humbled to stand alongside the Morita Group in this transformative journey. Achieving the JFEII certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and safety. As we continue to propel forward with our shared dedication, we anticipate even greater achievements in the realm of firefighting systems.