FFS Celebrates: Two Decades of Excellence

In 2003, a group of visionary employees embarked on a journey that would transform the landscape of the Fire Fighting Systems industry.

FFS Fire Fighting Systems was born through a management buyout, fueled by the ambition to create a company that would innovate and develop its own products. Their mission was clear: to offer complete systems that included every element needed for a comprehensive Fixed Firefighting (FIFI) system while guaranteeing performance at a fixed price. Little did they know that this idea would catapult them to remarkable success.

Within six years, FFS had already secured an astonishing 60-70 percent share of the global marine market for external firefighting systems. A figure that continues to expand even today!

Their dedication to quality and innovation has clearly resonated deeply within the industry, quickly establishing them as leaders in the field, but there are many other elements that have played a pivotal role in their path to success.

Bespoke Products and In-House Excellence

FFS takes immense pride in producing truly bespoke products and systems. Their engineering and design prowess are showcased in every product, developed in-house in Norway and meticulously produced in Sweden. FFS products are a living testimony, standing vigilant 24/7 in salty and challenging weather conditions across the globe. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions, they have become a staple in firefighting on ships worldwide.

Quality Assured through Rigorous Testing

What truly sets FFS apart is their remarkable ability to self-certify their products. A privilege they've earned through the operation of their cutting-edge test bed facility - one of the most advanced in Europe. This facility serves as the bedrock of their unwavering commitment to excellence. Every product that emerges from the FFS assembly line undergoes meticulous testing within this state-of-the-art test bed. This rigorous process ensures not only the highest quality but also guarantees that each product surpasses industry standards for performance.

Unmatched Certifications and Customization

FFS holds certifications from over a dozen professional bodies, all of which acknowledge and endorse the exceptional standards maintained by FFS. This recognition empowers them to offer product performance assurances with unwavering confidence, establishing them as a trusted and pioneering force in the industry. FFS's dedication to customization shines through as every customer receives their own personalized pump curve, highlighting FFS's commitment to tailoring solutions to meet individual needs.

Environmental Responsibility and ISO Standards

Operating in Sweden, FFS adheres to some of the world's strictest environmental regulations. They proudly boast one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry thanks to their use of local foundries and dedication to environmental responsibility. Adhering to ISO standards FFS are known their unwavering commitment to quality, consistency, and excellence not only in their products but in their processes.

Global Reach and Unmatched Customer Service

The FFS factory in Sweden serves as both a production and logistics center, ensuring that customer enquiries for spare parts and service are met within 24 hours. With millions of euros' worth of inventory and a robust network of worldwide agents, FFS has a phenomenal global reach.

Innovating for the Future

FFS doesn't rest on their laurels; they continue to forge ahead with an unwavering dedication to innovation. This commitment is driven by their exceptional design team and a relentless focus on product development. As a result, they have successfully expanded their product range to meet the evolving needs of their customers and the ever-changing landscape of the industry.

Expansion into Land-Based Firefighting

Having conquered the sea, in 2017, FFS set their sights on delivering advanced firefighting equipment for land-based applications, particularly targeting refineries and oil tank plants. Their reputation for providing solid and reliable firefighting solutions at sea served as the foundation for their expansion into industrial facilities.

Today FFS's land-based solutions are taking the market by equal storm. Designed for industrial fires that demand substantial water capacities, their mobile firefighting solutions can be rapidly deployed and easily supplied from nearby sources.

Their land-based systems, featuring high-capacity hoses, user-friendly operation, and corrosion-resistant designs, has emerged as a dependable choice, harmoniously complementing the accomplishments of the marine sector.

Global Recognition

FFS's monitors can be seen across the world, from the bustling shores of New York to the serene waters of Scandinavia and the thriving industries of the Middle East and Asia. They adorn fireboats, tugboats, and a growing number of industrial facilities and oil refineries, standing as a symbol of trust and innovation.

As they celebrate two decades of FFS Fire Fighting Systems, CEO Trond Sørlie expresses his heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated team. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, boundless innovation, and tireless dedication have been crucial in crafting firefighting solutions that protect industries and communities worldwide. Here's to many more decades of continued success and far-reaching impact!