Testing and Training

At FFS, our commitment extends beyond equipment provision to ensuring its optimal functionality. Our comprehensive Training and Testing services are tailored for land-based clients, aimed at confirming systems and equipment adhere to intended design specifications. Our technical team conducts thorough examinations of the installation and equipment, on-site or at client premises, identifying any potential discrepancies that might impact system performance. Post-examination, we oversee the initial start-up phase, ensuring accurate deployment and operation. We also provide intensive training for your team, ensuring they're equipped with the necessary knowledge for optimal system operation.FFS ensures not only equipment precision but also empowers your team for optimal system operation through intensive training.


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Key Features:

  • Precision Evaluation: Ensure all systems and equipment align with design specifications.
  • ‍Discrepancy Identification: Early detection of issues that can impact performance.
  • ‍Guided Start-Up: Oversight during the initial operational phase for error-free commencement.
  • Skill Transfer: Comprehensive training for your team, promoting efficient and effective system use.