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Our process:
Complete system supplier.

Our entire process is done according to our ISO 9001:2015 certification; from initial design all the way to finished commissioning.

Precision With Every Step

Design and engineering

FFS Design use the latest technology to achieve a lean and green profile to each product as well as the complete system.


All our pumps and monitors are tested in accordance with relevant standards. The facility is among the most modern and capable in our line of business.

Global logistics

The factory located in Åmål, Sweden, includes a logistics centre with world wide service.


Commissoning is normally included in our scope of supply for a complete system.

FFS Group is ISO 9001:2015

All FFS processes are done in accordance with ISO 9001 QA as well as other relevant quality standards.

Meticulously tested before every delivery

The following options are available:
  • Head and capacity of pumps
  • Power consumption
  • Efficiency
  • Suction performance testing (NPSHr) for pumps
  • Pressure loss versus capacity of various equipment (for example valves)
  • Long term testing of wear components
  • Full load and full speed testing of various transmission elements
  • Full scale testing of water monitors, foam proportioners, ejectors



A comprehensive stock of parts are available from our warehouse.

and Testing

We have two main test beds in the test station hall. The largest test bed has a power supply of more than 2000kW. The test station can also be used for full scale testing of skid mounted units.

We carefully develop our process to maintain our leading position in external firefighting. State of the art production and testing is the key element in our process.


Startup is a normal part of our scope of supply.