FFS test bed hallThere are two main test beds in the test station hall. The largest test bed has a power supply of more than 2000 kW. Containers and skids are tested in the center of the hall while pumps are tested on the 2 electrical engines.





FFS testbed 1 Test bed one has a power supply of 550 kW.

Types of test to be performed in Test Station:
  • Head and capacity of pumps
  • Power consumption
  • Efficiency
  • Suction performance testing (NPSHr) for pumps
  • Pressure loss versus capacity of various equipment (for example valves)
  • Long term testing of wear components
  • Full load and full speed testing of various transmission elements
  • Full scale testing of water monitors, foam proportioners, ejectors


FFS test bed2Test bed two with full load testing of pump with integrated transmission.